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iPhone Apps! Hello everyone, this is Itkothon. How are you all doing? I am going to discuss a few incredible apps that I think every iPhone user ought to have on their smartphone. The video will begin with an MD blank. If you’re familiar with this app, it used to provide blank widgets for the home screen, but it’s been updated and now offers a lot more. You can see these lovely widgets that you can put on your home screen, including the incredible iboard widgets.

iboard widgets

Will feature a variety of shapes for the photos, along with text and a time indicator. Now, the cool thing about this app is that when you add widgets to your home screen, you can see that they don’t have labels underneath them, which makes the screen look clean. The widgets are also very useful because they are interactive, so I can tap on them to switch between different sections that display different information about the device.

Photo widget

This app allows you to switch between different sections with a widget. The photo widget is particularly nice. To set the transparency mode for these widgets, simply go to your home screen, tap, and select Edit Mode. From there, you can take a screenshot of the most recent page. Once you return to MD Blank, tap Settings, Set Transparent Background, and load the screenshot you just took. Another fantastic feature of this app is that it adjusts the transparency of the widgets.

iPhone Apps

MD Blank

You can see this because you have enabled focus mode on your device. However, if I were to simply enable focus mode here for recording, it would change to a different wallpaper because it is connected to a different lock screen, making the widgets look unappealing. To fix this, let’s first take another screenshot of the new wallpaper. Here’s how to do that. Now let’s disable the focus mode. After taking the screenshot, return to MD Blank, select Upload a Background, and then simply upload the screenshot.

You just took that action, and after you do, you can return here and see that it is now named background. Now, here’s what I can do: I can go back to the settings, select Focus, find the focus that I want to use (recording), add a filter (here is MD blank), and choose the background for this Focus mode, which will then apply to the widgets as well. As you can see, if I truly enable this Focus mode, it will also add a transparent background.

iPhone Apps

You can notice how awesome the widget backdrop is now that you don’t have the same transparent background for each Focus mode. The next app for the video is called Blackout. How often have you wanted to send someone a screenshot of a text message but might also want to hide something? This app will make it very simple for you to do so. After you load a screenshot or other image, it will highlight the text in that image.


Line here where it reads “line” or there to conceal that sentence It’s quite simple to do and yet very efficient once you have done all of this. Just tap that button and the picture, screenshot, whatever that is will be saved with of course all the hidings here and of course, the word selection feature, which allows me to hide word by word rather than the entire line. Of course, we can change the color of the highlighter here as well.

Highlights will be removed from the final output. This is similar to that, but it operates differently. It’s called a split crop. For example, if I want to send this screenshot to someone, but only want to remove this tweet, all I have to do is drag the highlighter over there and press the button. As you can see, it then stitches the screenshot back together, making it appear as though nothing was on it.


A screenshot, how awesome is that? You can remove or show the highlighter again here. You can also rotate the highlighter either vertically or horizontally. It’s very simple to use; just select the area you want to cut, and it will cut it. After you’re done, tap the share button to save the photo to your camera roll. Next is Daily Notifier, which is possibly one of my favorite apps.


I’ve noticed recently that it’s quite easy to use and, of course, very useful. You simply hit the + button to add any kind of notification you’d like, such as a reminder. You can put any kind of notification you’d like to have here. Sort If you would like to receive the same notification every day, tap right there and select once or daily. I can select once here.


Here, we’re on Safari, not on any box, but I just want to show you guys how it works. You tap the share button and you can save anything you want into any box, maybe links, photos, files, or anything you want anywhere you are. You just have the share button and you will get right here a button to save to any box you tap it you tap save and that’s it you’re done you have now saved. That reminder, or whatever text I have set here, basically gives you notifications at any time you want. The next app for the video is called Box.

This link will take you to every box we have saved, which you can see here. If you click on any box, you will see everything we have saved. First, you will see your starred items, which are unsorted. Next, you will see a variety of files that you can save, including links, notes, images, and files. You can save anything on any box by just tapping the share button from anywhere on the website or in the photo.

iPhone Apps

Press the transmit button to any box. The next feature is reverse image search, which lets you look for images on the internet. You can snap a picture and search it immediately, import photos from files or your photos library, or you can just paste an image URL and it will look for that image online. Let’s load an image here to see the results. You can switch between Google and Bing and naturally see which one will give you the best results.

Quite neat

The best outcome for you, this is quite neat and simple to use. If you have an image and want to search for it but don’t have a link, you can use this app. You can also view the history of all the searches you’ve done here, so all the images you’ve looked at will be kept. Con Academy is the third software on the list; it is an app that will teach you almost anything you need to know. This is the app’s main screen, where you can sign in and see some of the highlights, of course.

You can find anything you can think of here and learn it pretty easily. If we go to life skills right here, of course, we have a ton of things and what you can do is tap on one of them and it will show you all kinds of different lessons like files you can read and videos as well. So you can see right here the text of the videos I can just tap here and start showing a video. Exploration is where the cool things are. You will have things like science math computing life skills.

Tac Capture

The app Tac Capture is the next in line, enabling us to take a variety of pictures and learn anything we want using text and videos. Capture text and save it directly into the app; you can also record audio memos, write media, or simply snap pictures and save them here. When you go to history, all of the information you’ve taken is saved here, so even though this is a fairly basic app, you can just search through it.

Radio Garden

Take pictures of anything and arrange them into a single app. Next up is Radio Garden, an incredible app that allows you to explore and listen to radio stations all over the world. Here is what we have: a globe with green dots representing radio stations. You can tap on any of these stations to discover new ones; your favorites will be located here. You can also browse from this location to view the browsing section or simply search for any station you are aware of. Simply type the name of the station into the search bar.

The radio is displayed there, naturally, and you can use the player to play any station you choose. You can also set a sleep timer so that the radio will turn off automatically while you’re listening to it. Lastly, but just as importantly, Lemon FM is an app that lets us listen to sounds in the background. For example, you can set up a Rain Sound to play in the background while you study or try to fall asleep.

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