Applying a screen protector: this is how you do it!

You probably know the feeling: you just got a new phone and your key or something else sharp accidentally scratches your screen. It’s a real shame, of course, but you can prevent this with a good screen protector! In this blog, we will tell you everything about applying a screen protector so that you and your best friend can be fully prepared!

Different types of screen protectors

Screen protectors come in all different shapes and sizes. Which screen protector suits your needs? We have listed a number of them for you:

  • Plastic screen protectors: The simplest, but effective, screen protectors. Whether you choose hard or soft plastic, this layer ensures that your phone screen is less likely to be scratched. These covers alone cannot withstand a hard fall or grains of sand.
  • Glass screen protectors: Do you want a screen protector that can handle hard hits and grains of sand? Then a glass version is a good choice. These screen protectors are made of tempered glass, which makes them a lot sturdier than plastic ones. The price tag is therefore also somewhat higher than that of plastic.
  • Hybrid screen protectors: These screen protectors are somewhere between plastic and glass. They consist of so many layers of plastic that they have the hardness of glass. And yet they retain the flexibility of plastic. This means they can withstand a fall and are resistant to the hardness of a grain of sand. Are there no disadvantages? Yes, they are usually pricey and they are not available for all phones.

How much does that cost?

An important factor when purchasing is the price, which varies considerably. The plastic protectors are cheaper than the glass variant. Depending on the quality, you pay between €2 and €10 for plastic protection.

If you regularly drop your phone, you might opt ​​for a sturdier version. Depending on the brand, you pay roughly between €10 and €50 for a glass or hybrid screen protector. So it just depends on how much you want to spend!

Apply screen protector

Once you have chosen a screen protector, it is nice that you know how to apply it. We discuss a step-by-step plan for each variant so that you know how to install the screen protector.

Apply plastic screen protector

  • Clean the screen of your phone thoroughly with the supplied cloth or, for example, a glasses cloth;
  • Place the screen protector, with protective film, on your phone;
  • Attach your screen protector to the top of your phone with adhesive tape;
  • Now remove the protective film from the bottom of the screen protector;
  • Now put it back down. You can now stick the screen protector by pressing it from bottom to top;
  • Remove the protective film from the top;
  • Are there still air bubbles underneath? Then wipe it out with the supplied plastic card.

Apply glass or hybrid screen protector

Applying a glass or hybrid screen protector is almost the same as a plastic screen protector.

  • Clean the screen of your smartphone thoroughly with the supplied cloth, otherwise hairs, dust, and the like will remain in it;
  • Place your screen protector properly on your phone with the protective film still around it;
  • Secure the screen protector with a few pieces of tape at the bottom;
  • Lift the top of the screen protector;
  • Remove the protective film;
  • Now put the protector down again and press it from bottom to top to stick the screen protector;
  • If there are still air bubbles somewhere, push them out with the supplied plastic card.

Have a screen protector applied

Despite the above steps, are you still afraid that things won’t go entirely according to plan? Then there are always parties that want to do this for you. Of course, you will pay for this, but at least you can be sure that it will be done properly.

Your new phone scratch-free

Have you just got a new phone? Then we hope that you will find these tips for installing a screen protector useful to keep your latest acquisition scratch-free. And if you really want to enjoy your device optimally.

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