These are the best note taking apps

Want to remember a genius pick-up line, take notes during a lecture, or simply write down your shopping list: you no longer need pen and paper for that. Nope, grab a note app and go, done! You have your phone with you all day long, don’t you? Check out the best note taking apps here!

5 brilliant note taking apps for 2023

Almost every phone has a standard app to collect all your notes, but you can of course also download a note app yourself. These 5 cool note apps have nice looks and all kinds of useful featuresWhich do you choose?


Craft best note taking apps 2023

Craft is a note taking app for iPhone, Mac, and iPad. It is a clear, good-looking app with enough functions. You don’t spend hours figuring out how the app works, so you can get started right away.

Craft has all kinds of useful features, such as moving text blocks by swiping. You can also add images and colors, create links and insert PDFs.

Google Keep

Google Keep best note taking app

Google Keep is one of the best note taking apps when you look at what it can do. Especially useful about this app: you can record and save voice memos.

The app can even transcribe your audio recordings for you, how great is that?! Saves you a lot of time that you probably would rather spend on an episode of your favorite series 😉 You can pin important notes to the top of your homepage, set timers for reminders and your notes are categorized by color.

You can also make and checklists and even make drawings. It doesn’t matter if you are on Samsung or have an iPhone because Google Keep can be downloaded for iOS and Android users.

Microsoft OneNote

best note taking app Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft OneNote is a note taking app that can be used on all phones, but also on tablets and computers. OneNote lets you take all kinds of notes: typed, drawn, written, you name it .

You can easily organize your notes with labels, colors, and tabs, so you never lose anything again. You can protect writings that others are not allowed to see with a password. Collaborate with your classmates? No problem, just create a shared notebook.


best note-taking apps SimpleNote

Looking for an easy peasy note taking app for all your devices? Then download SimpleNote. This clean-looking app does exactly what its name implies: create and save notes in a simple way.

You can sort your notes using tags and pins and you can sync across all your devices without any hassle. Nice! Extra tip for WordPress users: SimpleNote is under the same ownership, so you can link your blog to publish your notes right away.

Standard Apple Notes app

best note taking apps Standard Apple Notes app

Okay, let’s call him anyway. iPhones come with the Apple Notes app by default. It is nice and basic and therefore a great app to occasionally make a note. In recent years, many more functions have been added to the app.

You can draw in it and create folders and checklists. You can also choose ‘graph paper’ and scan documents. Überchill if you want to save receipts, for example. You never know!

Even more useful apps

Such a note app is of course your best friend while studying. But what if you can’t concentrate at all while going through it?

No stress, the Forest app is your savior. This helps you to completely focus on what you need to do.

Say goodbye to all those distractions! Also useful: an authenticator app to secure all your files and accounts. That way creepy snoopers don’t stand a chance.

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