These are the best password managers

Never forget your password again. The best password manager will help you with that. I picked out five of the best password managers for you. In this blog, you can read how they work and what makes these password programs so good.

What is a password manager?

A password manager is a program or app that remembers passwords for you. It stores this for you in a password vault, to which only you have access. As soon as you log in somewhere, you have entered the correct username and password at the touch of a button. Logging in is so fast and secure.

The 5 best free password managers for 2023

There are all kinds of password programs that can be downloaded as an app for your phone. What is the best password manager for 2023? I list five of the best free apps for you.


The great thing about this password manager is that it is open-source. That means anyone can check how safe it is. Are security holes found? Then they will be closed quickly.

Another great thing about Bitwarden is that you can use it on multiple devices at the same time. This way, you can log in to your computer just as quickly as to your account Samsung or iPhone.

You can also secure your account with two-step verification. For example, someone who knows the password of your Bitwarden account cannot access all your other passwords.

Finally, the app is user-friendly. This also makes Bitwarden great if you are not very handy with computers or telephones.


Dashlane is another password manager that is easy to use. You can save up to fifty passwords for free. The app will then quickly and accurately fill it in for you. It is also nice that the app gives you tips to secure your online information as well as possible.

best password managers for 2023

In addition, there is a built-in password generator. Handy if you create a new account or change your password. This way you always have a password that is difficult to guess.

Sticky Password

With Sticky Password, you store your passwords securely in an encrypted vault. The app is well-arranged and clear. Thus it is easy to use. You can unlock it with your fingerprint or facial recognition.

What makes Sticky Password arguably the best password manager? It indicates which stored passwords are weak. You can then adjust them so that they are more difficult to crack.


The NordPass password manager can be used anytime, anywhere. It also works offline. Useful if your internet bundle phone subscription has run out and you only have the app on your phone.

Like many password vaults, you can also secure this app with your biometric data. Like your fingerprint or facial scan.


The free version of Keeper is a good password manager to start with. You can use it on your iPhone, Android phone, different browsers, and your PC or Mac.

The security is extra high. Your account is also extra secure. For example, someone can’t see all your passwords if they know your Keeper account password.

How secure are password managers?

With a password manager, you store all your passwords in one place. Often in the cloud, so you can access it from anywhere. Understandable if you’re curious about how safe it is.

The answer is clear: password managers are generally very secure. Certainly, the best password managers I discuss with you above.

These are encrypted by default. This means that only you can see the contents of the password vault. If it ends up on the digital street, the content cannot be viewed. 

It is, however, advisable to secure your password manager with two-step verification. Best through an authenticator app. Does anyone guess your password manager’s password? Then it still can’t open it.

How do you choose a password manager? 

All of the above password managers are free. So you can try them all to see which one works best for you. Apple and Android phones also have their own built-in password managers.

Of course, you can also use those. Although that is less convenient if you have an iPhone and a Windows laptop, for example, because then you have to use two different password managers. 

That’s why you use a password manager

Online you have many different accounts. For example, for I am, but also for Facebook, and Instagram.

DigID: you name it. It is wise to use a different password for each online account. If your password leaks, someone won’t be able to log into all your accounts. With a password manager, you remember all these different passwords.

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