New smartwatch? The 5 best smartwatch models of 2023

With a smartwatch on your wrist and MultiSIM, you can be reached anytime, anywhere. Even without your phone. But what is the best smartwatch? Read on and discover the 5 best smartwatches you can use right now.

The best smartwatch of 2023.

There are many smartwatches to choose from. Still, the smartwatches from Apple and Samsung are the best. They are user-friendly, have many functions, and work with Multisim.

This allows you to stream your Deezer playlist to your headphones while exercising. Here are the 5 best smartwatches to choose from.

Apple Watch S9

With an iPhone, you quickly choose the Apple Watch. The Apple Watch S9 is new. You can operate the smartwatch without touching the screen.

best smart watch

Are you being called? Tap twice between your index finger and thumb to accept the phone call. In the same way, you can pause and play music again.

The screen is even brighter, so you can also read everything in full sunlight. In the dark, the display dims until it almost goes out.

Handy for the cinema. You can keep track of your workouts by tapping the screen once. You can also swim because the smartwatch is water resistant up to 50 meters deep. 

Samsung Galaxy Watch 6

Do you have an Android phone, such as one from Samsung? The Samsung Galaxy Watch 6 suits you best.

With the round screen, the smartwatch immediately looks a little more like a normal watch. The Watch 6 is the latest model and keeps track of your health and sleep rhythm even better.

The screen is larger and flatter. With a full battery and energy-saving functions, you can use the smartwatch for 40 hours.

Apple Watch Ultra 2

The Apple Watch Ultra 2 is the best smartwatch for iPhone. It is a powerful model, designed for top performance. Do you often exercise fanatically?

You’re in the right place with this smartwatch. The screen of this smartwatch is extra large and is dust and water-resistant.

The smartwatch has a special action button. You can set this to your taste. You can start your favorite workout with the push of a button.

The battery of this smartwatch lasts extra long. With normal use, you can use the smartwatch for 36 hours before you need to charge it again.

With the special compass, you will never lose your way again. The screen is large. This makes it a good smartwatch for men.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 5

The Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 is also a good smartwatch for your Android phone. The model is slightly older than the Watch 6 but has many good features.

This smartwatch keeps a close eye on your health with the BioActive sensor. This gives you information about your heart rhythm and your general health.

The battery lasts a long time. Is the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 almost empty? You can charge it to 45% in half an hour.

Apple Watch SE

The Apple Watch SE is the entry-level model of Apple’s smartwatches. With the always-on display, you won’t miss a single message and you can always see what time it is.

The smartwatch motivates you to exercise daily and keeps track of your health. The entry-level model also comes with MultiSIM, so you are always connected. With its smaller size, it is a good smartwatch for women.

Always reachable with Multisim and your smartwatch.

All these 5 smartwatches work with Multisim. This gives you a separate digital SIM card for your smartwatch. This connects directly to our network.

This way you can call, send messages, or use apps without having your phone with you. With Multisim you can stream your favorite music directly from your smartwatch during a workout.

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