Bhoot.Com Episode 19 – 19 June 2020 Download – Rj Russell

Bhoot.Com Episode 19 - 19 June 2020 Download

RJ Russell will welcome the audience to the Kingdom of Fear with a Bhoot.Com program every Friday at 9:30 p.m. Bhoot.Com Episode 19 – 19 June 2020 Free Download. The audience will then be taken to another state where the audience will hear all the events unfolding.

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Bhoot.Com Episode 19 – 19 June 2020 Download

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This Friday, Rj Russell is going to captivate you with a couple of events. What kind of you are, if you like to write an event in a comment.
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Every Time I Wrote A Ghost Story

Story name

True fact…

My case is 202. I then attended class. In February 2012 we moved into a new home. The house was 3 floors. There was an iron staircase straight from the floor to get to the roof. The total flat on the floor was three. We Bhoot.Com up on a flat on the floor. Shortly before we got up, the landlord’s mother died. The incident started at 3 and 6 months after that. Many nights, there would be occasional jumps from the ceiling. Most were after 9 pm. Gradually the problem continued to grow.

The sound of jumping was often accompanied by the sound of crying or laughter. At first, only those of us who were on that floor would get noises. After that, the matter slowly subsided. One day my brother-in-law Bhoot.Com to the roof at night to talk on the phone. Standing next to the water tank, she was talking, suddenly someone from her back threatened to say, what on the roof this night ?? He looked startled and saw no one.

New Ghost story

Then he comes down in fear and forbids us all to Bhoot.Com to the roof from the next day. A few days after that, one night I was reading. It was very stressful to read so it was almost 2 o’clock to read. Suddenly the roof jumps, crying, laughing, and the cows playing the water as if there was a loud noise. I’m scared Mommy and I was awake. Mum hurried down the lights and scared me into getting into the mosquito. Suddenly it felt like someone had pulled a chair from my reading table and brought it to my head. It was such a strange sound that Mom and I were holding each other in awe.

I awoke at night.

I could not muster up the lights that lit up. When I lit up the lights in a lot of trouble, I saw that the chair was already in place. Then one day the 2 brothers of the adjoining flat planned to see what was on the roof. According to the plan, The jump-started at around 2 pm. Then two of them slowly rose to the roof. As they reach the top of the stairs, they come down and shout.

The only thing they see is that the old woman jumps on the roof while she is wearing white clothes and her look is horrible. The most interesting thing was, no matter how much water was pumped into the tank at night, there was no water in the tank. After such a long time, the landlord brings a lord. He Bhoot.Com Milad with various blessings on the roof and sprinkles the blood of the sacrificed cow on the whole roof and hangs it on the skull of the cow. The problem has not been resolved since then. However, a few days later, the house was slightly shaded to the north. Yet sometimes I remember the incident when it was cut down. ……. Like for the coming back story …