Bhoot.Com Episode 4 – 6 March 2020 Download – Rj Russell

Bhoot.Com Episode 4

RJ Russell will welcome the audience to the Kingdom of Fear with a Bhoot.Com program every Friday at 9:30 p.m. Bhoot.Com Episode 4 – 6 Marchy 2020. The audience will then be taken to another state where the audience will hear all the events unfolding.

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Bhoot.Com Episode 4 – 6 March Download

Bhoot.Com Episode 3 – 28 February Download

How did the events of the last episode of look like?
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Every Time I Wrote A Ghost Story

Story name

The Mysterious Gab Tree ,,,,,

Talk about Tutul’s little Bella. Tutul has just crossed high school and has just got to high school. Tutul’s house is next to the school. There were many trees in the backyard of the high school. There was also a huge gab tree in the middle. The gab tree used to catch a lot of gabs. Now the gab tree is prevalent in people’s faces or not.

Many people are afraid of seeing different things going on in the gab tree. Every time he chews gab, he eats gab on the gab tree. Then this time the story was a little different. Gab pakar time has come. Fruit gab. Even if it takes a little effort to eat, gab fruit is a heavy favorite of Tutul. No one goes to this tree at night. Everyone is afraid of this gab tree. One night, two close friends of Tutul come to Tutul. Who said: Let’s go to Tutul, go to the back garden of the school and have the dog Gab Pikka.
Tutul: Hey, it would be okay to go to the gab tree during the night, Amigo?

Tutul phoned Kappa Kappa’s voice to call his friends but no response was heard. Tutul felt as if the gob tree was moving and shouting very loudly, Tutul was going to come down from the gab tree and at that time Tutul saw the white mug on the tree mug. Who was sitting on his feet !! In this dreadful environment, he could not tolerate this dreadful sight. He lost the strength to come down from the tree. He was trying to get away but he could not move well due to the tremors of his body.

Ghost story

Tutul, according to his hand, came down from the tree. According to Tutul, the hair of that terrible thing was very big and the whole body covered in white cloth. He ran as if he thought someone was chasing him from behind. At one point he came to their backyard and became unconscious. When he woke up, he saw his parents and his friends standing around him. There are two friends who called Tutul at night. Tutul asked who was angry with them: Kira Badamaishra yesterday in Rae, where did you go with me?

But Tutul was shocked at their reply. They did not come to Tutul’s house at night, and they gave evidence to Tutul. After hearing this, Tutul became ill. That night Tara Tulul, who had taken Tutul to the gab tree, could not be found even today. Now, after the incident, Jawa was away at the gab tree.