The 5 best design apps for your smartphone

Want to make your Instagram feed or story look fancy? Or create your own resume design to stand out even more? That doesn’t have to be difficult at all. Can just be easy peasy with a design app. Check out the 5 best design apps to bring out the graphic designer in you!

Design apps: what can you do with them?

A design app is super chill to create things like resumes, posters, invitations, or photo collages.

Or beautiful templates for your Instagram stories. In the App Store on your iPhone or Play Store e.g. your Samsung phone there are many to be found. Below you will find our 5 favorites.


Canva is one of the most famous design apps. And that’s not surprising, because it is a mega extensive and easy tool.

You will find hundreds of ready-made templates, all created by professional designers. Choose one and you can add your own photos or images.

best design apps

You can also change the fonts and drag things around in your design. Or just start from scratch!

Canva has templates for all your socials, posters, resumes, invitations, and much more. The design app is free, but you have to pay for some fonts, stickers, and templates.

GoDaddy Studio

Would you like to quickly and easily fix a graphic design? Then GoDaddy Studio is really something for you.

Although the app works super simple, the choice in terms of options is huge! Totally chill. Turn your photos into a graphic work of art by adding shapes, calligraphic texts, and stickers.

GoDaddy Studio has fewer options than Canva but is great if you’re working with a design app for the first time.

Adobe Express

When you say graphic design, you say Adobe. Think of Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign. Adobe Express is also a graphic design app that you can do anything with.

In this awesome app, you will find cool ready-made templates that you can give your own twist to. But, especially in terms of editing, Adobe Express is really great.

From removing backgrounds and creating gifs to making your own cards, it’s all possible. You can download Adobe Express for free.

For extra features such as more storage space and uploading your own logos, you need the premium subscription. 


The design app Desygner works much like Canva. You can start a design from scratch, but you can also choose from many templates.

Invitations, social media posts, cards, flyers, advertisements… You name it. You can then adjust everything yourself. From the font to the colors and other effects.

There is a free version and a paid version. With the free version you can already do a lot, so it is useful to try it out first.


You can also create real gems with VistaCreate. There are so many possibilities with the free version alone. You can choose from over 100,000 templates and over a million photos, videos, and layers to add to them.

Say what ?! Do you have your own business? Then create your own brand kit with a logo, color palette, and your own font.

This way you can match each template with your company. If you opt for the paid Pro subscription, you can also collaborate on projects with others. 

Even more editing apps

Have you completely entered your creative era? Check out these photo collage-making apps. Perfect for all your holiday snaps or selfies with your bestie.

Happy with? It might be nice to change your WhatsApp background then. Can be done on any smartphone, whether you have one iPhone 14 or a Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra. 

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