Fiber optic speeds now up to 8 Gbit/s

We are increasing our fiber optic speeds. This way we offer many additional options and you can go in all directions. We offer the fastest fiber optic. Fast, faster, fastest. Discover here how quickly it can be done and what you can do with it in practice.

Which fiber optic speeds can you choose from?

With Fiber Optic, you have a fast, stable, and sustainable network. It is the most environmentally friendly network.

This allows you to stream your favorite series and films in the highest quality. You work without delay. Large files?

You’ll catch up quickly. Fiber optic internet is already available in most places. Do the Fiber optics check and see if it is available at your address.

fiber optic speeds

There are now no fewer than 5 fiber optic speeds to choose from. Of which 3 are extra fast. But which internet speed suits you? That depends on your wishes. With a speed test, you discover what speed you currently have.

Fast Fiber Optic with 1 Gbit/s.

Our fiber optic network is new and ultra-modern. The maximum upload and download speed of 1 Gbit/s was the maximum until recently.

With this bundle, you can easily stream in high resolution and download large files at the same time. Is someone playing a game online? It is not affected by all other connections in the house and can continue gaming without any hiccups.

Even faster internet with 2 Gbit/s.

But it can be done faster. Recently you can opt for 2 Gbit/s at many addresses at Odido. 2 times as fast. Does your family stream a lot in high quality?

A video in 4K or even 8K is a lot larger than a video in Full HD format. When you watch films like this with several people at the same time, an even faster connection helps.

This also gives you a very stable connection to cloud services. Useful if you work with large files in the cloud.

Want to download a new game? At these speeds, this is a snap. Or you fill your iPad with a series that you download from Videoland

Fastest: 8 Gbit/s for real speed demons.

Isn’t that enough? You can also opt for an 8 Gbit/s bundle. With the fastest fiber optic connection, there are no longer any limitations.

You can exchange very large files smoothly in the cloud. Downloading something is often a matter of seconds at this speed. Find out if this speed is available at your address.

We also have these speeds.

In addition to internet speeds of 1 Gbit/s or more, we also have these 2 fiber optic speeds.

100 Mbit/s.

This speed is good when you are alone or with 2 people. Watch TV, stream Netflix or Spotify, and read your email at the same time.

400 Mbit/s.

Good internet speed when you want to be online with more people at the same time. Effortless web browsing, streaming, and downloading across multiple devices. 

Discover what is possible.

Ready to go for fast, faster, or the fastest Fiber? With the zip code check you can quickly see whether fiber optic is available at your address. And what speed you can choose?

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