Home Wizard Energy: gain insight and save

Are you curious about how much gas or electricity you use in your home? With HomeWizard Energy you get a clear insight into your consumption. In this blog, I tell you how it works.

What is HomeWizard Energy?

HomeWizard Energy is a device with which you can connect a smart energy meter. It then measures your electricity, water, and gas consumption. For example, are you curious about how much gas you use when showering?

What is the standby consumption of your phone chargers? Or how much power your kettle uses? You can view all this live or watch it back.

How does HomeWizard Energy work?

Do you have a smart meter? Then you can connect the HomeWizard Energy P1 meter to the P1 port of your smart meter in your home.

Home Wizard Energy

Then follow the steps in the Homewizard Energy App to connect the meter to your WiFi network. Success? Then you can in the app on your phone monitor exactly how much electricity, gas, and water you use!

5 useful functions of HomeWizard Energy

Wondering what useful functions HomeWizard Energy has in store for you? I’ll list them for you.

Get your consumption above water

With the HomeWizard Water Meter, you can see live what your water consumption is. Have you always been curious about how much water you use when filling a bath? Or washing your hands? You can view it immediately in the app.

See how much energy a particular device consumes

Do you want to know how much energy a specific device consumes? For example, your phone charger, hair dryer, or drill?

Place the HomeWizard Energy Socket on the relevant plug and you will immediately see what the consumption looks like. Also handy: the Energy Socket switches appliances off when you don’t need them.

Get insight into your solar panels

With the P1 meter and a kWh meter on your solar panel group, you can see exactly what your yield and total use are. You can also see how much solar power you use directly. Useful!

Compare days, weeks and months in clear charts

Besides the fact that you can view your consumption live, you can also look back at what your consumption looked like per day, week, or month.

Handy, because that way you become your own energy expert and you know exactly what to look out for.

Receive notifications in case of unusual consumption

Do you want to receive notifications in case of unusual consumption? Handy, for example, if there is a blocked water leak.

With the Energy+ subscription, your Homewizard notices this and immediately sends you a message.

Another advantage of the Energy+ subscription is that your energy history is stored for longer than the standard twelve months. Great, because this way you can compare your energy consumption per year!

Want to see your data usage?

Do you have it with me? Then you can see exactly how much data you use each month via the Ik Ben app.

Do you not only want to save on your electricity, gas, or water bill but also on your phone? Then you can adjust your bundles for free every month. Count out your profit!

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