How does Netflix work?

You may hear about it from family and friends. That they watched such a nice movie or exciting series on Netflix. Are you now starting to itch to bingewatch (in other words: watch a lot of episodes of the same series in a row)? You too can start streaming, but how does Netflix work? That’s what this blog is for. From creating an account to different devices to watch on. That’s how Netflix works!

Starting at the beginning: what is Netflix?

Netflix is ​​a streaming service. Techlarges Via a streaming service you can watch a film, series or documentary via the internet on demand.

This way you determine the guide for your TV evening yourself. Netflix is ​​the most popular streaming service for movies and series. This is due to a few things:

  • The offer: Netflix has a huge selection of good (international) films and series.
  • Unique offer: Netflix produces many films and series. These can only be seen via Netflix and are well received.
  • Simple to utilize: you’ll stream by means of Netflix in numerous ways. By means of the app on your smart TV, for case, but moreover within the browser of your portable workstation or with an app on your phone or tablet.

Download the Netflix app

How To Netflix work

You can watch Netflix in several ways:

  • On your phone or tablet: via the Netflix app for Android and iOS.
  • On your computer or laptop: via Netflix.
  • On your savvy TV: downloading the Netflix app from your keen TV’s app store.
  • On a screen or TV with a Chromecast or Apple TV associated. You at that point stream the film or arrangement from your phone, tablet, or portable workstation to the screen.

Do you need to observe Netflix on TV? In this web journal, you’ll be able perused precisely how it works.

How does Netflix work? Begin spilling in 5 steps

Do you’ve got no encounter with streaming services? No issue, since underneath you’ll be able perused precisely how does Netflix works. This way you’ll be able begin gushing in fair five steps.

Step 1: Make a Netflix account

You can as it were observe motion pictures and arrangement on Netflix in case you enlist.You are doing this by making an account. Once you’ve made an account, you’ll log in to Netflix and begin watching. This is how you make a Netflix account:

This is how you create a Netflix account:

  • Go to Netflix in the browser of your laptop, tablet, or telephone.
  • You can immediately enter your e-mail address to register.
  • Have you entered your email address? Then press ‘Start here’.
  • A new screen will now appear to complete the setup of your account.
  • Press ‘Continue’.
  • The first step is to determine a password. Make sure this is a strong password that consists of upper and lower case letters, numbers, and punctuation marks.
  • You can now view the three available plans:
    • Basic:
      • € 7.99 per month
      • Average image quality
      • Watch on 1 device at a time
      • The best choice if you only watch on mobile or on your tablet
    • Standard:
      • € 10.99 per month
      • Good Full HD quality (most TVs also have this image quality)
      • Watch on 2 devices at the same time
      • The best choice if you also want to watch Netflix on your TV
    • Premium:
      • € 13.99 per month
      • Extra good image quality (4K and HDR)
      • Watch on 4 devices at the same time
      • The best choice if you have a TV with extra high image quality
    • Netflix is ​​free for the first thirty days. After that, you have a monthly cancellable subscription. In the third step, you determine how you want to pay monthly. You can also pay with automatic transfer via iDEAL. Safe and trusted.
    • After going through the payment method, your account has been successfully created!

Step 2: Sign in to Netflix

After creating your account, you can immediately log in to Netflix. This is possible with your e-mail address and the password that you determined during registration.

You can now log in to Netflix in the browser of your laptop but also log in to the app for your phone, tablet, or smart TV.

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Step 3: create profiles

How does Netflix work? In your Netflix account, you can create profiles for the people who use Netflix through your account. This way you can create a profile for yourself and for your partner.

Why this is useful? Netflix keeps track of which movies and series you watch. Based on what you watch, Netflix provides relevant viewing tips.

They are less relevant if your partner watches films and series via your profile that does not interest you. Of course, you don’t have to create different profiles, but it certainly has an advantage.

Step 4: Pick something to watch

How does Netflix work? You have successfully created a Netflix account. You are also logged in and have created a profile. You will now enter the Netflix home screen. Immediately you will see all kinds of titles in different categories that you can watch.

The Netflix home screen always contains a few lists, such as:

  • Popular on Netflix: movies and series that many people are watching right now.
  • Continue watching for ‘your name’: this will appear once you’ve started watching.
  • Trending: a list of movies and series that are growing in popularity.
  • Top 10 in the Netherlands today: the ten most viewed titles in the Netherlands over the past day.
  • Netflix Originals: movies and series that can only be seen on Netflix.
  • Best picks for ‘your name’: Titles specially selected for you based on your viewing habits.
  • Rewatch: A list of titles you’ve already watched and might want to see again.

Via categories such as ‘Films’ and ‘Series’ you can browse through different categories of films and series. With the search function you can search for a specific film or series.

Good to know: we also look for all kinds of great viewing tips for you. We all have nice blogs about this. About the best romantic movies on Netflix, but also about fun series on Netflix. Ideal if you are looking for inspiration!

Step 5: Have a look!

Found a good movie or series? Nice, you can start watching right away or add the series to your viewing list via the plus sign for later. You have a few settings at your disposal while watching:

  • Pause
  • Set subtitles
  • Set audio: you can optionally change the spoken language. This is usually possible with non-English titles.
  • Rewind and fast forward
  • Skip episode
  • Enable full screen:
    • To view in your browser, press the icon at the bottom right of the screen
    • To watch on your phone or tablet, tilt the device horizontally. The image then automatically takes up the whole frame.
      • Is this not happening? Then ‘automatic rotation’ is switched off on your phone. You can re-enable this in the quick settings menu of your phone or device. You can conjure up this menu by swiping toward the screen from below or above the image.

What about data usage and Netflix?

In five steps you know How does Netflix work and you can stream series and films on your television, laptop, or mobile device. Do you watch Netflix on your smartphone?

Then it is smart to keep an eye on your data usage. Many people have a data bundle with a certain amount of MBs or GBs.

You use it faster as soon as you start streaming via Netflix unless you do this when your device is connected to WiFi. In this blog, you can read how many MBs Netflix costs.

Do you have unlimited Data, then you can stream as much as you want without worry. You can also stream offline via Netflix on your mobile device.

You then save a series or film offline in advance. In this blog, you can read exactly how watching Netflix offline works.

Good luck with starting streaming via Netflix!

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