How to Copy and Paste a Picture onto another Picture on iPhone ios 16

How to Copy and Paste a Picture onto Another Picture on iPhone iOS 16. Craving that perfect mashup photo for your next meme or social media post? iOS 16 introduces the magical Photo Cutout feature, letting you seamlessly copy and paste the subject of one picture onto another. No third-party apps are needed! Here’s your ultimate guide:


  • iPhone with A12 Bionic chip or later (includes iPhone XS/XR and newer): This feature relies on powerful machine learning processing.
  • iOS 16: Make sure your iPhone is updated to the latest software.

The Copy-Paste Magic:

  • Open the source photo: Navigate to the image containing the subject you want to copy in the Photos app.

  • Tap and hold the subject: A shimmering white outline will appear around your chosen element, indicating successful subject recognition.

  • Tap “Copy”: This copies the isolated subject to your iPhone’s clipboard, ready for pasting.

  • Open the destination photo: Head to the image where you want to place the copied subject.

  • Tap and hold the edit button: This enters editing mode for the chosen photo.

  • Paste your magic: Tap the “Paste” option in the pop-up menu. Voilà! Your copied subject appears on the new photo.

Pro Tips:

  • Refine the outline: If the initial outline isn’t perfect, tap and drag the white points to adjust it manually.
  • Layering control: Play with the positioning and size of the pasted element using pinch-to-zoom and drag gestures.
  • Beyond Photos: This trick works in other apps too! Try copying subjects from Safari images or even screenshots into compatible apps like Notes or Pages.

Creative Inspiration:

  • Picture yourself anywhere: Drop your friend into a stunning landscape picture, or add a celebrity cameo to your vacation snaps.
  • Collage magic: Combine elements from different photos to create unique and hilarious mashups.
  • Product mockups: Showcase your artwork or designs on real-world objects by pasting them onto product photos.


  • Photo Cutout works best with distinct subjects against well-defined backgrounds. Complex scenes or blurry images might yield less accurate results.
  • While iOS 16 opens up exciting possibilities, explore responsibly and avoid copyright infringement.

How to Copy and Paste a Picture onto another Picture on iPhone ios 16

Unlock your inner photo editing wizard with this powerful iOS 16 feature! Experiment, have fun, and share your creative masterpieces with the world. Hope to enjoy these tips, If any queries please inform me in a short message, and I’ll reply within a short time. Thanks “How to Copy and Paste a Picture onto another Picture on iPhone ios 16”

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