How to Log Out of Netflix on TV

How to Log Out of Netflix on TV? Most hassle questions, and sometimes users are most worried about that matter. Here I writing more relative questions for answers, like How to log out of Netflix on TV Samsung. How to log out of Netflix on TV LG, and How to log out of Netflix on Roku TV. Navigating the intricate menus of Smart TVs can be a puzzling labyrinth, especially when it comes to simple tasks like logging out of Netflix. But fear not, intrepid streamer! This guide will demystify the process and have you back to the login screen in no time.

The Universal Method:

  1. Launch the Netflix app. Locate the familiar red rectangle and dive in.
  2. Open the left-hand menu. Most smart TV remotes have dedicated buttons for menu navigation. Look for arrows or icons like a hamburger menu.
  3. Scroll down to “Get Help.” This option might be disguised as “Settings” or a gear icon on some TVs.
  4. Select “Sign Out.” It should be near the bottom of the list.
  5. Confirm your choice. Click “Yes” or “OK” when prompted.

Alternative Methods:

  • PlayStation 4 or newer: Press the “O” button, navigate to “Settings,” and choose “Sign Out.”
  • LG TVs: Press the “Home” button twice, select “User Profiles,” choose your profile, and click “Sign Out.”
  • Samsung TVs: Go to Settings-General- and select “Sign Out”, Perfectly.

How to Log Out of Netflix on TV

Remote Shortcuts:

Some TV remotes have secret codes that bypass the menu entirely. Try these sequences (in rapid succession):

  • Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, Up, Up, Up, Up: This magic combo works on many Samsung and LG TVs.
  • Home, Volume Up, Down, Fast Forward, Rewind: This code might unlock hidden options on older TVs.

Remotely Manage Devices:

  • Log out of all devices: Head to, sign in, and navigate to “Account” > “Security & Privacy” > “Manage access and devices.” Click “Sign out of all devices” to kick everyone out (including yourself).
  • Remove specific devices: Select the device you want to sign out from under “Recent device streaming activity” and click “Sign out.”

Bonus Tip: Remember to switch profiles instead of logging out if you just want another user to take over. Most TVs have a dedicated profile button or option within the app.

That’s it! You’ve successfully logged out of Netflix and paved the way for a new round of binge-watching adventures. Remember, the specific steps might differ slightly depending on your TV model, but the core principles remain the same. Happy streaming!


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