5 apps for offline music listening

Are you going on excursion and have a long flight ahead of you? Or do you need to spare information but still tune in to music? That’s no issue. There are bounty of music apps that can be utilized without WiFi. I’ll list five apps for tuning in to music offline for you.

How can you tune in to music without WiFi?

Listening to music offline is exceptionally simple. There are a few apps that permit you to spare music offline. This way, you’ll tune in to your favorite artist without WiFi or information. Underneath you’ll discover five great offline music-listening apps.

Spotify Premium

In the Spotify app, you’ll discover more than 50 million melodies from diverse craftsmen. Whether you like hip-hop, classical or Dutch music, there’s continuously something for you.. You can also easily listen to podcasts. To listen to Spotify offline, you need Spotify Premium.

This costs € 9.99 per month. You can listen to Spotify offline by downloading your favorite songs. After that, you can stream them offline. 

Soundcloud Go

Soundcloud is a good app to stream music for free. The special thing about Soundcloud is that you will also find songs from lesser-known artists.

This way you can listen to exclusive DJ sets, radio broadcasts, and other music. To listen to music offline on Soundcloud you need Soundcloud Go. Then you can store and play music offline. This costs € 5.99 per month.


You can also listen to music without the internet via Deezer. Handy if you have little data left. In the Deezer app, you will find millions of songs from different artists. And podcasts on all kinds of topics.

Downloading is free, but to listen to music offline you need a subscription. This costs € 9.99 per month. You can then store an infinite number of songs.


Do you have an iPhone? With a subscription to Apple Music, you can listen to unlimited offline music. You will find 60 million songs in the app. From the latest hits to quiet playlists for dinner. A subscription costs € 9.99 per month. 


Tidal is a unique streaming service. The app looks the same as Spotify or any other music app. But still, there is a difference. Tidal offers music with better sound quality.

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The app has two memberships: HiFi at €9.99 per month and HiFi Also at €19.99 per month. It costs a part more than the apps over, but with HiFi Also you’ll tune in to music of exceptionally great quality.

Good to know: you will only hear this difference if you have suitable headphones or an audio set. With Dolby Atmos, for example. In addition to music, the Tidal app also contains video clips, interviews, and concerts.

Still listening to music online?  

Immediatelymobile subscription with me you choose how much GB internet you want.

Whether you choose the iPhone 14 or the Samsung Galaxy S22. So you can listen to your favorite music anytime, anywhere. Very handy. 

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