You can do this with Live Photo on your iPhone

Do you often just not shoot the right photo with your iPhone because the moment is over so quickly? Then the Live Photo function of Apple is your lifesaver. This function captures multiple images at once. This way the right picture is always included! I’ll explain to you exactly how it works.

What is Live Photo on iPhone?

With the Live Photo function on iPhone, you can capture multiple images. When you take a photo, you also record the one-and-a-half seconds before and after taking the photo.

Including sound! Just poison. This way you have several photos of one moment and your photos come to life.

How do you take a Live Photo with your iPhone?

Taking a live photo with your iPhone is very easy:

Live Photo on your iPhone
  • Open the ‘Camera’ app.
  • Make sure the camera is in photo mode.
  • Enable Live Photo by tapping the circle at the top right. Does the icon turn yellow? Then Live Photo is enabled.
  • Choose the right angle and take your picture.

Edit your live photos

Once you’ve taken a photo live with your iPhone, you can view and edit it afterward. How do you do this?

  • Open the ‘Photo’ app.
  • Tap the Live Photo you want to edit.
  • Open the Live Photo.
  • Tap ‘change’.
  • Tap the Live Photo button.
  • Drag the slider to view all individual photos.
  • Let go when you see the photo you want as the main photo and click on ‘Set as the main photo’.
  • Click Done.

Turn off Live Photo on iPhone

A live photo is of course nice, but these types of images take up more space on your phone. Would you rather not?

Then you can also turn off the Live Photo function on your iPhone. Whether you iPhone 11,iPhone 12, or iPhone 13have. You do this like this:

  • Open the ‘Camera’ app.
  • Make sure the camera is in photo mode.
  • Turn off Live Photo by tapping the circle at the top right. Is the icon gray? Then Live Photo is disabled.

Edit photos on your iPhone

With the Live Photo function, you can shoot the most beautiful photos for your Instagram feed or for the background of your iPhone SE.

Do you want a nice filter over it? Then there are all kinds of useful apps to edit photos. This way your photo comes into its own!

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