All Nothing Phone (2) specs in a row

oh my! The Nothing Phone (2) specs is out and is easily one of the most striking phones of 2023. With its appearance – transparent back, LED lighting, everything – it immediately stands out. But is he good too? Discover it here, because we’ve listed all Nothing Phone (2) specs for you. And also tell you what you can do with it. Let’s go!

Nothing Phone (2) specifications in 1 overview

The NothingPhone (2)specs are to die for. The phone is affordable, yet it has the characteristics of an absolute stunner of a top phone.

Below are all specifications in an overview. Below we tell the story behind these specifications. In other words: what can you do with it?

NothingPhone (2)
Dimensions162.1 x 76.1 x 8.6 millimeters
Weight201.2 grams
Used materialsGlass front and back (Gorilla Glass), aluminum frame
WaterproofIP54: splash, water and dust resistant
Screen typeLTPO OLED
IP54: splash, water, and dust resistant6.7 inches
Screen resolutionFull HD+: 2412 x 1080 pixels
Refresh rate120 Hz
Operating systemAndroid 13 with Nothing OS 2.0
ProcessorSnapdragon 8+ Gen 1: 1x 3GHz, 3x 2.5GHz, 4x 1.8GHz, 4nm
Random access memory8 or 12 GB
Storage memory128 GB (8 GB RAM), 256 GB (12 GB RAM) 512 GB (12 GB RAM)
Battery size4700mAh
Fast charging?45W: 100% in 55 minutes
Camera 1 back50 megapixel: 1/1.56″ sensor, f/1.9 aperture, optical image stabilization
Camera 2 back50-megapixel ultra-wide-angle lens: 1/2.76” sensor size, 114-degree angle, f/2.2 aperture
selfie camera32 megapixel: 1/2.74” sensor size, f/2.5 aperture
Screen FormatWhite and grey
ExtrasGlyph Interface, Fingerprint Sensor (Under Screen), Reverse Charging, Gorilla Glass, Always On Screen

You should know this about the Nothing Phone (2) specifications

Launching apps super fast, taking beautiful photos, charging super fast: just a few things for which the Nothing Phone (2) does not turn a hand. What else can you do thanks to the specs of the Nothing Phone (2)? Read on quickly.

Nothing Phone 2 specs review

Powerful hardware

As striking as the phone is, we’ll start under the hood. Because that’s where the success story of this affordable phone starts.

It has the specifications of a real top phone. Qualcomm’s groundbreaking Snapdragon 8+ Gen 1 processor takes care of that.

Thanks to the maximum computing power of 3 GHz, every app starts immediately. And doesn’t falter for a moment.

Switch between apps? As a multi-tasker, that’s no problem with the Nothing Phone (2). In combination with 128 GB of storage, it has 8 GB of RAM.

This way you can switch seamlessly from WhatsApp to Instagram. And vice-versa. Do you buy the version with 256 or 512 GB? Then you even get 12 GB of ram. To switch between apps even faster.

The large battery charges quickly

Another plus point about the phone is its battery. It is larger than the Nothing Phone (1), namely 4700 mAh instead of 4500 mAh.

Just that hour difference. And are you tight on your battery percentages? The phone charges are super fast. In 55 minutes for the full 100 percent.

nothing phone 2

A nice Nothing Phone (2) specification: you can charge reverse wirelessly. Handy if your smartwatch is empty. Put it on the phone and it will be charged again in no time.

Nothing OS 2.0: impressive Android version with useful widgets

Specifications are not everything. The software cannot always be expressed in numbers, but it is essential for the pleasant use of your phone. That’s good with the Nothing Phone (2).

He has Android 13 with the Nothing OS 2.0 version. This unique variant of Android is economical and works well with the hardware. This way your phone will go like the fire brigade without using up a lot of battery.

Nothing OS 2.0 is also bursting with unique features. Extra many widgets that can even be placed on your lock screen?

Leave that on Nothing about. This way, you can use a lot of extra apps without having to open them.

Glyph interface

It is the eye-catcher of the Nothing Phone (2): the Glyph Interface. Those are the lights on the back of the phone. They light up when you receive a call, but you can also give them a nice twist.

So that you immediately know that you have a new like on TikTok. For example. Because you have set that a certain light will turn on. Also useful: Glyph’s timer function.

Have you called a taxi via Uber, Bolt, or other taxi apps? The more lights are on, the closer the taxi is.

Design specifications

There’s no phone like the Nothing Phone (2) in terms of looks. Its partly transparent design immediately catches the eye. Just like the aforementioned lights, of course.

What is striking about the phone is its sleek finish and handy design. Due to the curves on the edges. They make the Nothing Phone (2) nice and easy to operate.

nothing phone 2 available

And that’s great. Because the compact housing contains a large screen. Yet the phone is only 162.1 millimeters high by 76.4 millimeters wide.

It is also on the thin side at 8.6 millimeters for a phone with lighting and all in its housing. With a weight of 201.2 grams, it fits firmly in the hand. This is also due to the glass front and back, which are made of reinforced Gorilla Glass.

The frame is aluminum and is the icing on the premium cake. The IP54 certificate is also nice. This makes the design splash, water, and dust resistant.

Large screen with high brightness

Are you looking for a large screen that can also be used in the brightest sunlight? The Nothing Phone (2) specifications will appeal to you in this area.

The screen size is spacious at 6.7 inches. Just like the maximum brightness of no less than 1600 nits. This makes the screen always perfectly legible. Handy if you want to watch your favorite vlog or series on the beach.

This is possible in top quality, because thanks to the LTPO OLED screen technology, the colors of the screen pop. Thanks to HDR10+, the contrast is also extra large.

Thanks to a Full HD+ resolution of 2412 x 1080 pixels, the image quality is exactly what you would expect. It is also nice that it is an Always On screen.

This way you always check the time. Without having to press a button. And without having to unlock your phone.

Nothing Phone (2) cameras: a lot possible thanks to great software and specs

The Nothing Phone (2) has three cameras in total. Two on the back and a selfie camera on the front. The cameras on the back both take pictures of very high quality. Thanks to good sensors, this is possible in 50 megapixels.

The main camera also delivers in lower light. This is due to the large aperture of f/1.9. With optical image stabilization, every snapshot is sharp and you record videos smoothly.

This is possible in Full HD, but also in 4K. The supporting camera is there for the panoramas and group photos. You can take photos with it at an extra large viewing angle of 114 degrees. 

Shoot selfies? The Nothing Phone (2) does not turn around for that either. You take images in 32 megapixels and can make video calls in Full HD.

Thanks to the good software, your skin color is always realistic and the photos are nice and sharp. Perfect to always show yourself from the best side at BeReal!

Now available with a subscription

The specs of the NothingPhone (2)are among the best of 2023. Yet it has a surprisingly competitive price. You can get the phone now with a subscription. In white and grey. And with 128, 256, or 512 GB. Which version are you going for?

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