Nothing with the Phone (2) at iTKothon!

The amazing, innovative, and original Phone manufacturer Nothing becomes available with us. With a brand new Phone: the Phone (2). It will be available with us from July 21. In this blog, we introduce the surprising manufacturer and brand new, groundbreaking phone to you! #vamos

This is Nothing

Nothing is a unique phone manufacturer. It makes phones without fuss, difficult names, and difficult-to-understand terms and technologies.

Simplicity is paramount. And that is precisely what makes telephones from the manufacturer user-friendly and special. They work seamlessly with other devices from the British manufacturer and can be linked together super smoothly.

In other words: no more connectivity issues between your earphones and tellie!

This makes the Nothing Phone (2) special

Are you looking for a phone to really stand out with? One that is also fast? And has unique features? The Nothing Phone (2) ticks all the boxes. He can do all this.

nothing phone 2 available

Stylish design that is uniquely functional

Last year, the Nothing Phone (1) stole the show with its state-of-the-art design. With Glyph Interface. This is a collection of light components on the back of the phone.

These ensure that your phone can communicate with you in a special way. They clarify notifications and ensure that calls never go unnoticed again. Not even when your phone is on silent.

In the Nothing Phone (2) this has been further improved and the Glyph Interface has even more options. Such as a brightness that automatically adjusts to the environment and more options with notifications.

Transparent design that is even more beautiful

We dare to say that the Nothing Phone (2) is the style icon among the phones of 2023. The striking transparent design ensures that it immediately stands out. And the great thing is: this design has been further improved compared to its predecessor.

Like a stylish 3D curve at the back. This makes the phone more comfortable to hold and makes it extra easy to operate. Beautiful and functional!

Hardware that makes everything possible

The Nothing Phone (2) is a fast phone. One that has every app ready for you right away. This is due to the fast Snapdragon 8+ Gen1 chipset with a whopping computing power of no less than 3 GHz.

Switch between apps? With 12 GB RAM, it also goes like the fire brigade. And you have at least 256 GB for all your photos and videos. By the way, you make these in a high quality of 50 megapixels and you film videos in 4K. That way you won’t miss a detail. 

Insane Android version

It may already be clear to you. Everything is special about the Nothing Phone (2). From its Glyph Interface to the transparent design and its hardware to the software. Because the phone has a unique Android version: Nothing OS 2.0.

With a unique widget system, which allows you to conjure up a lot of mini apps on your home screen. Handy for instant video recording. Or to always have the best photos at hand.

The interface of Nothing OS 2.0 is also, as you would expect from the manufacturer, extra intuitive. This means that you feel that everything is always in the right place. It makes using the phone a pleasure. Each. Day. Weather.

Available quickly with a subscription

Do you also think: have, have, have?! Got it! That is why the Nothing Phone (2) is available from July 21. 

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