Need podcast tips? Check out our 10 favourites

Finished all the fun podcasts? Ha, that’s what you thought! We have collected a number of podcasts that are completely hot and happening. From hilarious stories to true crime, there’s bound to be a chill one for you. Plug your earbuds smartphone turn it on and turn up the volume. These are our favorite podcasts of the moment!

10 fun podcast tips for 2023

On Spotify, YouTube, in special podcast apps … The whole internet is full of awesome podcasts. Are you spoiled for choice? Don’t worry! Below we list 10 podcast tips for you.

Geuze & Gorgels

Monica Geuze and Kaj Gorgels, who doesn’t know them? This hilarious duo discusses all kinds of topics from everyday life in the Geuze & Gorgels podcast.

These are presented as first world problems submitted by listeners. Prepare yourself for a good dose of flat humor and accidentally laughing in public 😉 

Reasonable Doubt – The Maastricht martyrdom

In the seven-part podcast series, NRC follows eleven students in a months-long analysis of a murder case from 2012. Did the judiciary properly investigate the story?

10 fun podcast tips

And is the statement actually correct? The Reasonable Doubt project investigates possible miscarriages of justice and has already made strong revelations for several cases. A super engaging podcast!

Damn Honey

Menstruation, fashion, being fat, women in politics. In Damn Honey, Marie Lotte, and Nydia discuss all the things you have to deal with as a woman these days.

Each episode is about a different theme and a guest joins to share knowledge and experiences. What Damn Honey is all about?

Dealing with subjects that are still little discussed in the mainstream media, but that deserve a podium. You go girls!


Football fan? Then turn on the podcast KieftJansenEgmondGijp quickly. Wim Kieft, Rob Jansen, Michel van Egmond and René van der Gijp discuss everything about the special world of top football.

The podcast is full of hilarious moments and spirited discussions. And those who know the men a little, know that taboos are not left undiscussed either.  

Reality check

Are you one of those people who can’t wait for the new season of B&B Vol Love? Then Reality Check is really something for you. In this podcast, Timo, Marissa, and Till talk about the most popular reality series of the moment.

From B&B Vol Love to Ex on the Beach. The trio discusses all the sappy events from the episodes and the news that pass by on social media. 

The Lost Girl

Nobody, no evidence, no motive, and no sign of life. Willeke Dost has been missing for 30 years. On January 15, 1992, she disappeared from Koekange as a fifteen-year-old girl and it is still a mystery what happened to her.

Something that needs to be explored to the bottom, says journalist Annique Oosting. In the podcast The Lost Girl you can listen to how she looks at Willeke’s file again. What exactly would have happened? 

Partners in Crime

Are crime series your thing? Then this podcast is also for you. In Partners in Crime, you can hear how crime journalist Kees van der Spek talks to colleagues.

They talk about the most exciting moments of their careers and share what they are proud of. They also give a unique insight into how they try to catch criminals.

Excitement! Very special: the episode with Peter R. de Vries, which was recorded shortly before his attack. Although there are no new episodes anymore, this is definitely recommended to listen back.

Marc-Marie & Isa Find Something

This podcast has been around for a while but remains a hit. In Marc-Marie & Isa Finding Something, Marc-Marie Huijbregts and Isa Hoes discuss all ordinary and unusual everyday things.

Why do people always want to win? What is the ugliest beach in the Netherlands? Do you eat sandwiches with or without sauce? Each episode deals with a different topic and it always ends with a final verdict. Laugh!

The Podcast Psychologist

Are you completely in your self-development era? Then turn on The Podcast Psychologist. Each episode discusses a psychological theme, such as stress, dating, and hormones.

There is always a different psychologist as a guest, who throws all the important facts about the subject on the table. Mega interesting!

Best podcast tips: keep looking for new ones yourself

As we said: the internet is full of cool podcasts. How do you keep finding the best? Dive into the podcast charts.

In every app, you will find a list of the podcasts that are trending at that moment. Or check with your friends which ones they listen to. You might discover podcasts you’ve never heard of before. Winning!

Useful podcast apps

Have you just chilled listening to that one interview, you’ve run out of MBs. Yup, listening to podcasts also costs data. Should you have Unlimited Data then of course you will never suffer from this.

Another smart tip: save your podcasts offline. You can then continue to listen without this costing you extra data. Also ideal for a plane, for example.

Great podcast apps that allow you to save offline are Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and Google Podcasts. After downloading, you will find the podcasts in your library. Plug in your earplugs and listen worry-free!

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