How To Record phone call? Step by Step

A conversation with a loved one, an important conference call with your work, or a call with customer service. It can be nice to sometimes record a telephone conversation. But how do you do that exactly? And can you actually record it? I talk to you in this blog.

How can you record a phone conversation?

Do you have an iPhone 13, Samsung Galaxy S22, or Xiaomi Redmi Note 11? Both with Apple phones As with Android phones, there are several ways to record phone calls. I’ll explain it to you below.

Record phone call with iPhone

Do you have an iPhone? Then it is best to record your telephone conversations with a handy app. One of the most used apps for this is TapeACall. This not only allows you to record conversations super easily, but you can also transcribe any recording.

This means that the entire conversation is automatically transcribed. Handy if you want to read back the telephone conversation later. TapeACall works with the three-way call feature.

Record phone call

This means that you add a third caller to the call. In this case, TapeACall is the third caller. The app is free for the first three days and then costs €29.99 per year. That is how it works:

  • Start a phone call.
  • Exit the conversation window and open the TapeACall app.
  • Click the record button.
  • Click on ‘Call’.
  • Go back to the conversation window of your phone call.
  • Click on the plus sign to add TapeACall to the phone call.

The app will now record the conversation until you hang up. Do you want to listen back to the conversation at a later time? You can do that via the app.

Record phone call with android

Do you have an Android phone with Android 8 or older? Then you can record phone calls with different apps. For example, with the Call Recording app.

In this app you can set that every phone call is automatically recorded. Did you have a phone call? Then the app automatically saves the sound recording to your Google Drive cloud.

Do you have an Android phone with Android 9 or newer? Then you can no longer record the voice of the person you are calling with an app. Why is this?

Google blocks the recording for privacy reasons. Do you want to record the phone call anyway? Then put your phone on speaker while you are calling. This way you can still record the conversation with another device.

What is a three-way call feature?

As I just mentioned, a three-way calling feature means adding a third caller to a phone call. Normally this would mean adding a third person to the conversation.

Do you want to record a conversation with an app? Then your phone will use the three-way call feature to add the app as a third participant.

Can you just record a telephone conversation?

As a private person, you can simply record telephone conversations. You may not use the recordings just like that. This has to do with the right to privacy of the person you are calling.

Are you calling on behalf of a company? Then different rules apply. In that case, for example, you are obliged to let us know in advance that the conversation will be recorded.

Also useful: video calling

Do you want to record a conversation even more easily? With video calling via Skype, Teams, and Zoom, you can record the conversation with the push of a button.

The recording function is integrated into these programs, so you don’t need an external app for this. Do you want to call via these programs? Then you need to be connected to the internet.

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