SIM card blocked? You can do this

Thanks to your SIM card, your mobile connects to Ben’s mobile network. Is your SIM card blocked? Then you can no longer call, text, or use the internet with your phone. In this blog, I explain what you can do best if your SIM card is blocked.

Why is your SIM card blocked?

Your SIM card may be blocked for various reasons. The most common reason is forgetting the four-digit PIN code. Have you entered this PIN incorrectly three times? Then your SIM card will be automatically blocked.

Your phone will then ask for the eight-digit PUK code. Are you entering this incorrectly ten times? Then your SIM card will be permanently blocked. You cannot reverse this.

You can also choose to have your SIM card blocked from a distance. You can do this. This is useful if, for example, you have lost your SIM card or your phone has been stolen.

What can you do if your SIM card is blocked?

Is your SIM card blocked? Then there are several things you can do to regain full use of your phone. I’ll list two useful tips for you.

Enter PUK code

If your SIM card is blocked, your phone will ask for the PUK code. Can’t remember what this 8-digit PUK code is? Then you can find it in the package that contained your SIM card at the time.

How to SIM card unblocked

You can also find the PUK code in Ik Ben. Have you entered the PUK code correctly? Then your SIM card will be unblocked and you can call, text, and use the internet undisturbed.

Request a new SIM-card

Is your SIM card permanently blocked? For example, because you entered the wrong PUK code ten times? Then you can request a new SIM card yourself via Ik Ben or the Ben app.

This costs € 10. Did you order the SIM card through my customer service? Then it costs € 15.25. A new SIM card is always a 3-in-1 SIM card. Great, because it is suitable for all mobile phones.

New SIM card with a Sim Only subscription

Connect a new one Sim off at me? Then you get a new SIM card and you take care of a telephone yourself. The beauty of that?

So you don’t have to pay it off monthly. You can set a PIN code for your new SIM card yourself so that you don’t just forget it.

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