Trickbd Mobile Theme Free Download [Original Version]

Trickbd Mobile Theme

Assalamu Alaikum, how are you all? By the grace of God all is well. I’m good too alhamdulillah. Today I came up with a beautiful WordPress Trickbd Mobile Theme for you. Let’s not first see what’s going on in this theme.

I think that almost all of the TrickBD mobile themes shared on the internet today have some problems. Today I shared with TricBD’s Original Mobile Version Theme. This is the first time I shared it ItKothon Technology Website in Bangladesh Base.

What’s in this Trickbd Mobile Theme

  • Exactly TrickBD Mobile Theme.
  • There is a comment rule. No more comment role plugin install.
  • From the comments like Trickbid, you can visit his profile.
  • TickBD’s Original Dashboard.
  • Some extra BB code. Such as start, end code.
  • The design is in full blue color.

Let’s take a look at some screenshots of this Trickbd Mobile Theme

Trickbd Mobile Theme

Trickbd Mobile Theme

Trickbd Mobile Theme

Trickbd Mobile Theme Download

Trickbd Mobile Theme Download For Free Style.Css


1. Unzip the downloaded zip file first. There you will get 2 plugins.
2. From the dashboard, go to Plugins> Add Plugins and upload the plugins.
3. Activate them now.
4. From the dashboard go to the setting of “Mobilepress”. Check out the “Show categories, show tags, show thumbnail” in there.
5. Go to the Permalinks setting from the Dashboard setting. Save there with “Numeric”.
Note: The theme is to be added to the MobilePress plugin. So you have to install it from the plugin.

Comment on any problems.