Video calling: The best apps

Do you want to have contact from a distance and see the other person as well? Then you open a video chat app. What are the best video calling apps to video call your friends, and which apps do you use for work? You can read it in this blog.

Video calling apps on your phone

With video calling apps, you can easily make online video calls. This can be done from your phone or laptop.

This way you can speak to your friends, family, or loved ones anytime and anywhere via video calling.


WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app, with which you can also make video calls. A video chat is usually one-on-one, but it is also possible to be in a group chat with up to 50 participants.

The quality of the video chat has improved considerably in recent years so that you can clearly see the other participants. Moreover, data usage remains low, so you can make video calls with confidence even with a small internet bundle.

Face time

Immediately iPhone 14 or an iPad you can use FaceTime. It is an exclusive feature for Apple devices. You can also use the video calling app with your MacBook.

Best video calling apps

An advantage is that the app is present as standard. In addition to video chat, you can also make audio calls. The quality is fine and you can call up to 32 participants at the same time. 


Skype is a classic video calling app. Once started on the PC, but nowadays mainly popular as an app for the phone.

You can send your daily messages with it and if you want to make a call or video call, you can start a conversation. Both for audio and video chat. With Skype, you can also call mobile or landline numbers. You have to pay extra for that.


Discord is an app that is very popular among gamers. You can share your experiences about games through groups and when you start playing your favorite game, you can communicate directly with voice chat.

But video calling is also possible. In addition, you can even share your game screen with your friends, so that they can watch your gaming experience and coach you. But you can also just discuss the day with your gaming friends through video chat.

For your computer with Fiber Optic

But you can also use many video chat apps on your computer. Skype and Discord are good choices for all platforms.

And you can also install the examples below on the phone. Still, these are apps that are mostly used for work.

Video calling for work requires a good internet connection. You have that with optical fiber.

With this, you can all make video calls, stream, and games without the quality of the connection decreasing. 


With the Covid outbreak, we all suddenly had to work from home. Zoom quickly turned out to be a good working app to use. Many business video calls are still conducted via this video chat app.

You can schedule a video call in advance and send that link to participants. They can then have a conversation via the link and you can easily stay in touch with each other.

Microsoft Teams

Finally, you still have Microsoft Teams. In a short time, this app has become the standard in many companies to communicate internally. You can easily share documents, note agenda items and also make video calls.

This can be done one-on-one, but also with several people at the same time. This way everyone is quickly informed of what is going on.

Cheap phone for video calling

A phone with a good camera and large screen is very suitable for video calling via a video chat app. And you can buy such a phone cheaply. These are 4 cheap Samsung phones to choose from.

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