Bingewatch guarantee with these Videoland series

On Videoland you can watch the best, unique series from our own soil. There are also many sensational, exciting international series on the streaming service. Which surprising series should you definitely not miss? Be surprised by our overview of the top 10 best Videoland series of the moment.

Surprising Videoland series that you must see

Videoland is bursting with series that surprise you and leave you on the edge of your seat.

Below you will discover a nice mix of tension, sensation, love, and drama. The videoland series are available in many types and flavors. There is no shortage of recommendations and tips. Enjoy!

Annie M.G. (2010)

  • Country the Netherlands
  • Genre: Drama
  • IMDB rating: 7.1

Annie MG is one of the most successful writers. A mini-series appeared a few years ago. It has recently been shown on Videoland.

best Videoland series

In it, we see how she grows up as a little girl and builds her career after the death of her husband. In the series, we get an insight into the different aspects of her life. 

Beau and Michiel in America (2023)

  • Country the Netherlands
  • Genre: documentary/reality
  • IMDB Rating:-

What about the United States in 2023? You can see that in this documentary series. In it, Beau van Erven Dorens travels to the country to see what the problems are together with correspondent Michiel Vos. They start in New York, but eventually cross the country and speak to different Americans.

Mocro Mafia Season 5 (2023)

  • Country: 2023
  • Genre: Crime
  • IMDB rating: 8.2

Mocro Maffia has been one of the best series on Videoland for years. You can now enjoy the fifth season. Pope wants to disappear after Romano’s death and leave the organization in the hands of his sister Samira.

But this is not without a struggle. In the end, he has to ask Pencil for help to save his organization. You can see how that goes in the latest season.

Dawson’s Creek (1998–2003)

  • Country: United States
  • Genre: drama, romance
  • IMDB rating: 6.8

Dawson’s Creek is a drama series that a generation has grown up with. Nice to look back nostalgically or just to watch as a newcomer.

It is about the teenage Dawson who grows up in the small town of Capside. Together with three friends, he struggles through everyday life, in which family, friendship, and love play important roles.

Gomorrah (2014-2021)

  • Country: Italy
  • Genre: Crime, drama
  • IMDB rating: 8.7

Are you looking for a Videoland series with rave reviews? Gomorrah is the series for you. The series takes you to Naples around the year 2010.

There the leader of the Camorra clan is arrested. What follows after his arrest is a struggle for power, in which violence is not shunned. You can enjoy as many as 58 episodes.

Baywatch (1989-2001)

  • Country: United States
  • Genre: action, adventure
  • IMDB rating: 5.4

The classic Baywatch can be seen in its entirety on Videoland. It revolves around the Coast Guard on a beach near Los Angeles.

In every episode, something happens that forces them to take action, but mutual relationships also play a role in the series. And yes, the actors often look good in their swimsuits or bathing suit.

Sisi (2021-)

  • Country: Germany, Austria
  • Genre: drama, historical
  • IMDB rating: 6.8

Sisi is a two-season series based on Elisabeth’s life in Bavaria. In the 1850s and 1860s, she fell in love with Franz Joseph the First.

She eventually marries that and that gives her a completely different life. In this new role, she will face new challenges. The series consists of two seasons, but a third season has already been confirmed.

Sleepers (2022-)

  • Country the Netherlands
  • Genre: Crime, drama
  • IMDB rating: 7.8

Sleepers is a new exclusive addition to the range of series on Videoland. Detective Martin has to deal with a murder of an acquaintance of his.

A criminal, but also someone with whom Martin has had a deep connection. Soon after, he is approached by a mysterious person and finds himself in a tricky dilemma.

West Wind (1999–2003)

  • Country the Netherlands
  • Genre: Drama, Romance
  • IMDB rating: 6.4

West Wind is a classic Dutch series with four seasons. It concerns the Noordermeer and De Graaf families, who both own a Rotterdam shipyard.

There is a lot of fighting between the two families and that leads to drama. In 2000, the series won the Golden Televizier Ring.

Mr. Robot (2015-2019)

  • Country: United States
  • Genre: Crime, drama
  • IMDB rating: 8.5

Mr. Robot is the last series on Videoland that you can enjoy for hours. A four-season series centered around Elliot Alderson.

This cybersecurity expert and hacker is dealing with all kinds of personal issues. One day he is approached to join a group called Mr. Join Robot and put an end to financial injustice. 

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