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The tablets. Some people can’t live without it. Others have one but don’t use it that often. Smartphone screens are getting bigger and therefore the advantage of a tablet is less for many people. Are you looking for a reason to grab your tablet again? With its large screen, the device is ideal for watching TV. Handy if the television is busy. Or if you want to watch the final phase of a match or an episode of a series in bed at night.

How does watching TV on your tablet work?

You can watch television via the Internet with your tablet. You do that with an app. You can watch TV on your tablet in different ways.

For example, via a streaming service, live stream, or with your provider’s app. You can watch live TV or watch missed programs on your tablet. So you have complete freedom and determine your own TV guide for the evening.

Watching TV on your tablet: the essentials

To watch TV with your tablet, the device must be connected to the internet. All tablets can be connected to the Wi-Fi network at home.

Some tablets also offer space for a data SIM card to also be online via the mobile network. Does your tablet not have a SIM card slot?

How To watch tv on tablet

With a MiFi router, you can still connect it to mobile internet. This is your own personal mobile WiFi network that you can easily take with you. You need a MiFi subscription for this.

Apps to watch TV on your tablet

Internet connection to stream arranged? Nice. You’re almost ready to watch TV on your tablet. Now another handy app for that. With these apps, you can watch live TV on your tablet and watch missed programs.

TV Anywhere

With a subscription to T-Mobile Thus, you can use our TV Anywhere app to use. This is our app to watch TV on your tablet or phone. The good thing about this app?

You can watch live TV, but also watch missed programs. You can even record programs via the app if you have activated this function.

In addition, you can start a film of your choice at any time in our on-demand Video library. This way you are really in charge of your own TV guide.

NPO Start

You can watch free TV on your tablet via the NPO Start app. You do have advertising before and during programs.

You pay € 2.95 per month for the premium variant NPO Start Plus. You then watch without commercial breaks and can watch series and films for an extra long time.

The on-demand offer of NPO Start Plus consists of more than 20,000 episodes of series from the Netherlands and abroad. You can also stream all kinds of movies on your tablet.


Another handy app for watching TV on your tablet is NLZIET. With this app, you can watch all major Dutch TV channels live, namely those of NPO, RTL, and Talpa.

A subscription that can be canceled monthly costs € 7.95 and you can also watch missed broadcasts.

According to NLZIET, more than three million minutes of series, films, and programs are waiting for you. So charge that tablet properly before you start watching via this app.

Video land

Videoland is RTL’s streaming service with which you can now also watch live television. In addition, you can watch missed broadcasts of RTL Unlimited.

Videoland also has its own exclusive range of programs and series, such as the exciting Mocro Maffia and Temptation Island Vips. A monthly cancellable subscription costs € 8.99.

Watching TV on your tablet: good reason to use it again

The great thing about watching TV on your tablet is that you can watch TV anywhere in the house. On the couch when the television itself is already occupied, in bed before going to sleep, or in the garden when the weather is nice.

A good reason to get your old tablet out of the stable again is because no tablet turns its hands around for watching TV. No matter how old it is.

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