Watching Netflix offline: That’s how it works

Netflix is ​​one of the apps to stream online series and movies. That how to Watching Netflix offline? On the prepare on your phone, in bed on your tablet, and on the lounge chair on your shrewd TV or portable workstation. You wish two things for this: a Netflix membership and a gadget that’s associated to the web. There’s , in any case, a helpful exemption for the last mentioned.

Watching Netflix offline: what about it?

With the Netflix app for your phone or tablet, you can save series and movies offline. Handy if you also want to stream the best thrillers on Netflix or fun series on Netflix on the plane.

Or if you take the train to the other side of the country, your data bundle is (almost) exhausted and you still want to watch that one exciting movie.

You can be Watching Netflix offline if you save the series or movie you want to watch offline via WiFi beforehand. You then have a certain period of time to watch it offline.

This way you can watch offline Netflix on your phone or tablet

Downloading movies and series is done in no time. This is how it works:

How to watch netflix offline
  • Open the Netflix app on your phone or tablet and make sure the device is connected to Wi-Fi.
  • Press the Download icon at the bottom: this is an arrow pointing downwards.
  • Press ‘See what you can download’.
    • Have you previously saved series or movies offline? Then you will find them here.
  • You will now see the offer that you can watch offline via Netflix.
  • Tap the movie or series you want to save offline.
  • Press ‘Download’.
  • The selected movie or episode is now saved offline.
  • You will now find the selected movie or episode on the Download screen. Here you can watch it offline via Netflix.

Why can’t I watch everything offline on Netflix?

You can store many series, films, and documentaries offline via Netflix. However, you cannot view the entire range offline.

This is a rights issue. Netflix then has the rights to offer a movie or series for streaming, but not for download. Netflix makes a large part of the offer itself, so you can often store it offline.

How long can I watch movies and series offline via Netflix?

One movie or series is available to Watching Netflix offline longer than the other. That time differs because Netflix makes different agreements with each license manager.

In the Download screen of your Netflix app, you can see how long you have left to watch the movie or series offline. Have you started playing a title?

Sometimes you have up to 48 hours to finish watching. Even then you can see how long you have left in the Download screen. After this time has elapsed, you can often renew the download a certain number of times.

You then have more time to finish watching the film or series. Good to know: movies and series stored offline that have expired will disappear from the Netflix range and you cannot renew.

Watch Netflix without worry

Do you often store Netflix movies and series offline to save data and do you actually find this inconvenient?

Maybe a bigger one will fit your phone subscription better with your consumption. Often this only costs a few euros more per month.

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